About Denise

Me in 1st grade

       I think I had the same haircut from the time I was 4 until I was in 7th grade.  Like the bangs? 
      I grew up in Southern California, with my parents and two younger brothers.  Besides running and climbing I loved to draw.  
 in 3nd grade
      I still live in Southern California with my husband. Two grown children and now 6 grandkids.  

      I worked as an elementary school librarian for 22 years.   
 Helping students find books, read stories and sing songs. It really was the best job ever. Because of Covid I made videos of myself reading stories and signing songs.  I put together a "virtual" library for the staff and students.

          If you would like
in 5ft grade 
        Contact me                                      deniseclem3@gmail.com
Myself and my two brothers in Big Bear Ca.